Sunday, June 13, 2010

16. Newborns: They are cute but a little boring (at first)

You might read things that talk about how great it is to finally have that little baby home. Oh, sweetness. Birds chirp. There is a rainbow at every window. You float around the house on cloud 9.

Maybe. Yes, it is so cool to have a baby. You cherish him. But let's be honest, he doesn't really do much. For the first 8 weeks (just an average) your baby will do little more than sleep, poop, pee, and cry.

He can't really see anything yet. He can't smile yet. He can't roll over. And he is just barely able to hold his head up. So although the IDEA of having a baby is supercalifragalistic, the reality of those first few weeks can be kind of a bummer.

Around 8 weeks they can see something that is pretty close to their face. They may start to smile here and there. You might catch Junior trying to reach or kick at his bouncy seat toy, but not really having much success.

It is not until closer to 10-12 weeks that baby can start to do SOMETHING. Again, these weeks are averages. At this point you can make him smile by making those silly faces and talking in that voice we all swore we would NEVER do. He might reach or kick something very close (like a toy bar on his car seat). So don't freak out if you are bored while sitting home all day with your kid until you hit that stage of development.

It is normal. Try to combat this by watching movies, reading a book, having a friend stop by for a bit, call someone one. Have a connection to the outside world :) Soon enough little Sally will be talking your ear off and running all over the house. But for now, it is okay if being a mom isn't the most exciting part of your day.

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