About Project Mom

What do you do?
Project Mom is a promotions firm that deals with all things motherhood.We connect expecting women and new moms with all the fabulous stores, services, and resources they need. From the coolest baby clothes to outfits that flatter your post baby figure, we try to cover it all. Our moms learn about quality stores and services and you get great exposure. It's win win.

Because our goal is to makes mom's life easier, we only work with companies and promote things we think are beneficial. Please look over our blog posts to make sure you are a strong fit. When our moms know we have their back, they are even more excited about what we promote because they know we have  their best interest in mind.

Mom-Centered Promotions / Events
1. We speak to different groups of women and share our best tips in person! At a baby store, women's group restaurant, boutique... we have Preggo Parties were we gather together to chat about parenting tips, fashion secrets, baby gear ideas and more. You can win some incredible giveaways as a "thanks for coming" from our sponsors. They love sharing their greatness with our moms. We also send you home with a goody bag filled with coupons and promos from our sponsors in your local area.

2. Project Mom loves sharing your store with our moms. We have developed a series of MNO (Mom's Night Off) events that we host at different locations around Georgia. We come in to your store and put together a themed evening for local moms in your area. They learn something fun, meet some other ladies in the area, and are given an exclusive shopping experience in your store. Check out our series calendar and book us for a quarter or an entire year. They are a blast!
3. Project Mom also hosts mini-expos (Bash Bash Expos) where we get together all the stores that make up a mother's lifestyle (from kids stuff to massages to house cleaning...anything that makes your experience as a mom easier and more fun!) Sure, there are HUGE baby expos in Atlanta already. But we want to connect you with LOCAL places. You have a baby. Driving all the way to X from Y isn't practical. And although those mega-expos are a lot of fun, they are also very overwhelming. By keeping them small you can take the time to see what stores are right down the street. Talk to them. See what all they can do for you. Our mini-expos are held in several locations and are open to only stores in the local area. We are planning to be in Cumming, Dunwoody, Woodstock, Roswell, Snellville, and Suwanee. Check our Upcoming Events calendar for updates.

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