Tuesday, June 15, 2010

17. Peeing...in public

You are starting to feel like you have this baby thing down a bit and feel like getting out of the house. Maybe you head to Target for some baby items and buy some super cute dresses, purses and plates for your party just to look at all the cute stuff.

Things are going pretty well. You even grab a latte at the Starbucks inside the store. Right about the time you get to the shoe section, you realize something. You have to pee! No big deal. But then it sets in...

Hey I have to pee...but I have a baby???? What do I do???? It is a brief (and comical) moment of panic we all have. That first "potty in public" incident can freak you out for a second. Then your brain returns and you figure it out.

Just push the stroller into the handicap stall. Don't feel guilty either. Taking a newborn to the bathroom with you qualifies as a "handicap." Trust us. If you just brought the car seat, set it on the floor with you. Then wipe it down after if you are a germ person.

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