Monday, June 21, 2010

Changing Table Possibilities

Okay, so you need a place to change baby's diaper. There are a few ways you can go. Option one is a traditional changing table. If you know you are going to have multiple children, go right ahead and get one. Some are like picture 1 with drawers beneath. Great for hiding your stuff:) Others are like picture 2 where they have open shelves. Good for people who stay organized. This style works well with cute baskets.

Option 2 is to use a regular dresser and just add a changing pad to the top. Project Mom gives this option a big nod. Why? Because as baby gets older you can just remove the pad and BAM, you have a dresser. With the traditional changing table you are stuck with a piece of furniture that is not very versatile. The dresser gives you more long term use. We are all about getting the most bang for your buck :)

If you take the dresser route, get one that is short and fat instead of tall and narrow. You want to be able to reach baby without having to stand on your toes! You also want to have enough space for the pad and maybe a basket next to it with a few diapering items. Having what you need within reach is a must!

1. Traditional changing table from
2. Changing table with baskets. Can be used for toy or clothing storage when diapering is done.

3. Dresser with loads of storage drawers from
4.  Changing pad a top a dresser from

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