Thursday, June 24, 2010

Newborn Skin...

Ahhhhhh newborn baby skin. It is so soft. Don't cha just wanna cuddle it all day? Once upon a time our skin was like that too, before tanning and makeup and wrinkles (sorry- back to baby)...

Sometimes a newborn baby will have a little bit of flaky skin. Don't worry! It is just new skin getting used to this world. It is not a very dramatic process either. Your baby will not look like a snake shedding its skin. More like when you get Elmer's glue on your hands from some kindergarten craft and you kind of rub it off?

If this happens to your baby you don't need to do anything special. It will finish up by 1 month or so. Do not put lotion on a newborn :) Just wait it out. No one else probably notices anyway. It usually only happens on baby's feet. Nothing a cute pair of socks can't hide.

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