Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finger Swelling

Towards the end of your pregnancy you might notice a little swelling in your fingers. Not every woman experiences this, but your average gal has trouble those last weeks (maybe months) getting her rings to fit comfortably.

If you have a favorite ring and you notice your digits are getting a little puffy, you might want to put it in a safe. Where ever you put it,it's not a bad idea to tell someone that knows you well. Why? Because it might take your fingers a few months post-baby to get back down to their normal size. If you have excess weight gain or just a lot of water retention your fingers might not pop down to size overnight. Some women "hide" their rings so well they forget where they put them. So put it somewhere obvious or tell a trusted friend its location.

For all you married ladies, your wedding rings might not make it all the way to your delivery. Before you get them stuck on your hand, store them away for a bit. In the meantime, have some fun! Go to Kohl's or Target or any store you like, and buy the biggest fake ring that still looks decent. Why not. Other people give you those looks like "why are you preggo without being married." Either take that in stride or sport a fake-ero. It can be fun. 

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