Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Bras for Pregnancy

No matter how sexy your bras were BEFORE you were pregnant, your new concern should be comfort and support. If they haven't already, most woman's boobs go up AT LEAST one cup size while pregnant. The fun part is that you get to have a nice rack for a while. The bad news is that if you keep wearing your old bras until you are pouring out of them, you might ruin them for good.

When you notice that your bras are tight around the middle, buy a bigger one that feels better. If you stretch out your old bras you mostly likely will not be able to wear them when your ladies go back to their normal size. Even if the cup size stays relatively the same, the back gets tight. And more importantly-- uncomfortable. When you take that bad boy off and it leaves a red ring around your rosy, it's time for a bigger bra!

Here are a few tips about purchasing pregnancy bras.
1. Do not spend a million dollars. You won't wear them long enough to justify buying anything couture. Go for comfort and support, but get one for $10ish. Here's a link to some at Walmart that are $16 for 2

2. Try to find a bra with a little bit of stretch in the fabric. Your cup size might go up again, so if this one will grow with you a bit you will get more use out of it before you have to buy an even bigger size. Majamas has a whole line of great maternity and nursing garments. And they are stylish too.

3. Pay attention to the straps. When your boobs get big, they get heavy. And uncomfortable straps can be annoying. And painful. When you try them on, see how thick and comfortable the straps are. Spanx make a bra now that have AMAZING straps. They are not cheap, but if you are really having a hard time we hear they are worth every penny.

4. Towards the end of your pregnancy you might want to start wearing a nursing bra (if you are planning to breastfeed). They are made to stretch and support! When your milk first comes in you usually need a CRAZY huge size, but after a month your supply regulates and your boobs look less like basketballs. So even if this nursing bra you buy ahead of time doesn't fit immediately following delivery, it should be great once your ladies chill out a bit. The La Leche League has some excellent nursing related items, like bras :)

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