Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Change a Diaper

If you have nieces and nephews or have some kiddos in your life already, you might have experience with changing diapers. But some of you may have no clue. And that is totally cool. Or you might have changed a 1 year old's diaper but feel a bit nervous about a newborn. That is yours!

We found some videos we thought might help visualize the whole process. There is one for boys, one for girls, one for cloth prefolds, and then one for cloth all in ones. Happy diapering :)

BOY Diaper: key is to cover his "man" parts so you don't get sprayed. The change in air temp can cause him to pee, especially the first few months. And right after circumcision (if that applies to you) the pee runs right off the diaper because of all the Vaseline in there for healing, so go ahead and put the clean diaper under baby's bottom BEFORE you pull away the dirty one.

GIRL Diaper: Main difference here is that you MUST wipe front to back with girls. It's just good hygiene. Make sure you wipe out all those crevices (gently), even the little leg rolls because spit up and such finds its way everywhere :)

Cloth Diapers: PREFOLDS  Cloth diapers are not like they used to be. No more stick pins. And they can save you loads of money in the long run. For a prefold you need the cloth diaper, a snapi, and a cover.

Cloth Diapers All in One: Same deal as a regular diaper, but you can wash and reuse these. Unlike a prefold, this diaper has an insert so you don't have to use a snapi. You'll see what we mean. 

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