Sunday, August 15, 2010

What to Put Above the Crib

Decorating a nursery is like an addiction. It is so fun. After all, this is where your baby is going to spend a lot of his time, so it needs to be cute. And there are a million places to visit for ideas. There are so many choices! What bedding? Window treatments? A dresser? Do we want a rocking chair or glider or nothing at all?

In most nurseries, one of the first things you see when you walk in is the crib. It is usually a pretty prominent figure in a baby's room. Genius of us to point out, right. But what to put above the crib? It has to be something worthy of its location. Right there. Above baby. But it also has to be something that baby can't pull down when he gets bigger. Or something that could fall on baby.

So what are some cool options for above the crib? We're so glad you asked. Here are a few ideas we heart.
1. Initials and Names
Everyone used to do wooden letters, which are still cute. But a new trend is the vinyl decal or painted "mural" of baby's name or initials
2. If it is secured WELL, a mirror is also a cool option. It bounces light around the room, reflects the rest of the cute room, and gives baby something to look at.
courtesy of Young House Love

3. Removable decals are huge. HUGE. HUGE. You can move them later if baby is into something different or you just feel like changing things up a bit. You might get one for an entire accent wall or just add a vignette for visual fun.
4. A Picture: again, make sure it is SECURE. But a print or two (or three) above the crib can be just the thing. We like how this room uses the mobile concept and the canvas behind the crib as part of the room's theme.

5. Fun Stuff: and there are just some creative parents (or designers) out there who thought of interesting things to fill the space above the crib. We think baby would approve.
decals and 3D butterflies
empty frames artfully arranged
puffs in fun colors. an easy DIY project
If you have any photos of what YOU put above the crib, we would love to see them. We are addicted, too.

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