Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Food: Keep It Simple (and Healthy)

At about 6 months your baby might be ready for baby food. The first time Junior ever tries to eat from a spoon is pretty comical. And by that I also mean messy. They just aren't real sure what to do with it. Some babies gobble it up while others just push it right back out. Either way, expect an adorable mess when you are finished.

There are many options when it comes to what type of baby food to get. Of course there is the commercial kind at the grocery store. It is the cheapest (that you can buy) but depending on how healthy you are, it might not be the most wholesome. Believe it or not a lot of those brands have a lot of secret sugar in them. And the way they are made actually decreases their nutritional value. Read the labels before you buy.

Most stores are now carrying more and more organic brand baby food, too. These are slightly more expensive but are made from purer ingredients and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Read the label. Earth's Best is pretty good, in our humble opinion, but there are many options out there.

Another option is to make your own. At first this might seem a little overwhelming but from what I have heard it is not that big of a deal. In essence you just steam or boil your average veggie and puree your average fruit (both will need added water to soften them up a bit) into a consistency your baby is okay with. Ice cube trays are great for storing any extra, although containers are also on the market for homemade baby food.

My personal choice is a combo of the two: organic AND homemade. Jack's Harvest is an Atlanta based company (really two moms with major domestic gifts) that makes and sells frozen organic baby food. You can purchase it through Whole Foods and also through  Why I like Jack's Harvest? No pesticides in the fruits and veggies. No crazy cooking process that robs my baby of what she really needs. Just two moms making delicious, healthy food. It is convenient and more importantly GOOD FOR MY BABY :)

Here's is what Jack's Harvest is all about: (from their website)

Jarred baby food is cooked at extremely high temperatures so it can sit for years. Over processing removes a lot of nutrients leaving food bland and tasteless. (Would you want to eat it?) Jack's Harvest not only tastes better, it has a higher nutrient content. Your baby has taste buds and knows what tastes good. They also know what looks good and smells good. Jack's Harvest feeds your baby's senses with beautiful colors (our peas are bright green) - wonderful smells (the smell of cinnamon boosts brain activity) - and delectable flavors (that we taste test ourselves!). Shape your baby's precious palate with food that is healthy and delicious and help them learn what fresh foods look, smell and taste like.

What's not to love? Give it a try. We'll have some AWESOME coupons at our upcoming Preggo Party if you want to see how yummy Jack's Harvest is for yourself. September 29th is right around the corner!!

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