Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1. Having a Baby: I'm, so glad that's over!

Whether you have a C-section or a V-delivery, you are pretty pumped when the process is all said and done and the nurse hands over your baby. In fact you are so dazed and hyped up on adrenaline that it may even take you a minute to remember that thing wrapped up in the blanket is actually YOUR baby. Mentally you have to keep telling yourself, "this is mine." Surreal, I know.

If you are like me (and MANY other moms I know),you read a whole lot about being pregnant and not a whole lot about what to do with your real, live baby. Once baby is here and not just some kicking elbowing hiccup monster, you may find yourself a little weirded out about what is going on with your baby and what is going on with your body!

This blog was created to be a quick reference to help you know THE REAL business of having a baby. Some sources are a little too positive about it: this is the greatest experience of your life. Other places are a little too negative about it: you'll never sleep the same again. I find the truth to be a little more in the middle. Most of it is absolutely fabulous (like great shoes!!). A few parts aren't all that fun (like dropping your cell phone in the sink), but they pass quickly.

I hope you enjoy this blog as a place for information-- and some laughs. Having a baby is a wild ride. Sure, that loopy loop scares you stupid for a bit, but you still have Perma-grin and get back in line!

Seriously, who doesn't want one of these: (see top)

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