Friday, May 28, 2010

2. What to Bring to the Hospital

The moment of truth is getting closer and closer. Even though you still have 4 weeks left until your due date, your bag is packed and waiting by the door. This is so exciting! But what do you really need to take to the hospital?

- Yucky, stretchy panties
You'll have some decent bleeding for the next 3-4 weeks and have to wear these really big pads. It is so sexy. lol (vaginal delivery only...OMG! I cannot believe I just typed that word)
- Comfy but not white or super nice PJ's
Again, the bleeding. It would be a shame to ruin something designer. You'll wear that ugly old hospital gown most of the time anyway. (c-section ladies wear nightgowns to avoid rubbing your incision)
- Entertainment
Magazines, a book, your laptop, DVD if you have a way to play it, iPod, etc. Nurses and visitors will be in and out all the time, but you might catch some time to read about this season's hottest hairstyles in between talking to people and holding your adorable baby.
- Clothes
For Mom, bring either a maternity outfit or something stretchy. Your stomach takes a few weeks to contract so you still look about 5 months pregnant even after you give birth. Excuse me??? Yes, it stinks I know. But it doesn't last. Maybe a nursing bra and a pair of flip flops or flexible shoes. If you had an IV, it takes a week (and an obscene amount of water drinking) to flush out all that extra fluid. You might be swollen from your face to your feet even if you didn't gain that much pregnancy weight. Again, it passes soon enough.

For Baby, bring nothing! The hospital onesie is enough. Changing a newborn's outfit is tricky because they ball up like a rolly polly. Argh! If you are set on having a special outfit for him to go home in, that is great. However, baby's size is tough to predict ahead of time. You might want to have something like a gown so that whether he pops out at 6 pounds 11 ounces or at 9 pounds 3 ounces, it will fit. It is also a good idea to have a pair of hand mitts for baby. Their fingernails can be long and they tend to scratch their face up something fierce. So those mittens are great for the first week or so until you can peel their nails. Otherwise all the pictures you post for friends and family will look like you let Edward Scissorhands babysit. Also bring a blanket. In some hospitals you are not allowed to take the provided blanket home. (even though you just spend thousands of dollars to give birth!!!) And of course the car seat. You can't leave the hospital until you show them baby is in it correctly.

Eventually you are going to want to take a shower. It is one of the best showers of your life. Pack your travel shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and some make up. Lots of pictures will be taken. You'll be glad you slapped on some foundation, mascara and lip gloss later when you look at them.

That is all the must have items. The rest are just for fun. I will cover what Daddy needs in a separate post.

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