Saturday, May 29, 2010

5. Birth Announcements

If you are like me, the second that baby entered this world you were ready to take the perfect birth announcement picture. In fact, you have looked at a million card sites like Tiny Prints, Inviting Smiles, and God knows where else. You have had the perfect card saved on-line since you found out what you were having. All you have to do is fill in the birth information and add that smashing snapshot.

So what's the problem? Baby refuses to cooperate. If only he knew how cute this card will be!! Here are a few heads up about taking your baby's picture right away.

1. Some hospitals have a photography company that comes around to each room. I know moms who chose this and loved it. Even if they didn't use the picture for the actual birth announcement, they were happy to have a "professional" picture of baby's arrival. I know other mom's who were less than pleased. Baby cried the whole time and scratched up his face. Be flexible. If you think you want this done, be willing to quit if baby isn't having any of it. You can always take his picture later when he is in a better mood.

2. Most babies do not even open their eyes for more than a blink. They are just too cool to stay awake and socialize with anyone. Much less bother letting someone take their picture. So if you are hoping for a great picture of baby's adorable blue eyes, you may have to wait until about a month or so. Again, be flexible. Your baby may be wide awake long enough to get a great picture. If not, wait until he is more alert. Or just send a sweet picture of him sleeping.

I know how badly you want to send out that announcement!! But you'll be happier in the end you waited until the picture captures just how cute he really is.

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