Saturday, May 29, 2010

4. Hospital Nurses

While you are in the hospital, there will pretty much be a constant stream of nurses in and out of your room. They are amazing! These poor women (and men) perform all sorts of inglorious tasks in the name of medicine. Like measuring your urine output. Good times:)

However, they have opinions. Nurse A will tell you to feed your baby every hour on the hour. Then Nurse B comes in at the shift change and tells you to let baby sleep. If he is hungry, he will let you know! After all, his little tummy is still full of amniotic fluid.

Well, which one is it??? How do I know????

Nurse C will suggest you keep the baby in your room at night to "bond." And in a short while Nurse D will hint that sending baby to the nursery at night sure is a good way to get some much needed rest while you still can.

For the love people! I just want to know what I am SUPPOSED to do!!

The truth is that while you are in the hospital you need to do what YOU and DADDY are comfortable with. The rest will come out in the wash, as they say. Do not let anyone pressure you into a decision.

If you have done your homework (read some books or articles) and asked your other mom friends what they did, you can figure out how you want to do things. What happens in the hospital is not going to ruin anything. The nurses are highly educated resources with a lot of experience. Listen to what they have to say. But don't be surprised if there are contradictions. No worries! All that really matters is that your little baby is finally here.

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