Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7. Taking a Shower

Squeezing in the time to take a shower (or bath) when you have a brand spankin' new baby isn't as easy as you think it is. Some moms find that bathing gets put way down on the priority list until things settle down a bit. When there is down time, you just want to sleep! or read a magazine or watch a show... showering isn't all that exciting these days.

Here are a few tricks for beating the bathing monster:

1. let someone else watch baby (like daddy or grandma) while you take a shower (duh,right?)
2. use 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 products. Philosophy makes a body wash/shampoo that is great when you need to get in and get out quickly. And they smell great, too!
3. put baby in a bouncy seat right outside your shower so you can still see/hear him. Papasan like seats are best for newborns (weeks 1-6) and a more movable seat, with a toy bar even, is great when baby is more alert and interactive (weeks 7 or more). If your baby gets fussy, it's okay. A 5 minute shower never hurt anybody. Time your shower when you know baby is usually pretty content and do your best to be quick.
4. if you just can't wash your hair today even though it desperately needs it, grab some baby powder or dry shampoo. Add a little to your roots and rub it around. It absorbs any grease (yuck, I know) and leaves your hair smelling fabulous!
5. unless you just WANT to, don't worry about shaving your legs. Daddy isn't allowed to come near you for a while anyway, so ward him off with hairy legs (lol).

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