Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8. Changing a Diaper

If you have the opportunity, practice changing as many diapers as you can before you have your own baby. The more times you do it, the faster you get. Here are a few more quick tips for making diaper doodie (wow, that was really lame) easier:

1. open up the diaper (unfold it and spread out the sides a bit) first
2. BEFORE you take off the old diaper, slide the new one underneath. Why? Because new babies often pee right away because of the cold air. Having the new diaper there ensures you won't get any pee pee on your couch!!
3. for BOYS, cover up his "man parts" right away; some people use the new diaper to cover IT, other people use a plastic cup they sell at baby stores. If you don't cover, you may get a little sprinkle IN YOUR FACE. You've been warned.
4. newborns don't really have super smelly diapers because they aren't eating REAL food yet. However, if you get a stink bomb that you just don't want smelling up your house, pick up some powder bags. They sell these at Target, Kroger, basically everywhere. It is a little scented plastic bag you throw the dirty diaper in before it hits the trash can.
5. Set up a diaper station in the rooms you most often change baby's diaper. A cute basket stuffed with wipes, some diapers, maybe a couple burp cloths, etc are good to have on hand. That way when it is time to change a diaper, everything is right where you need it. Refill items as they get low. This is also helpful when daddy or grandma want to help. They know right where everything is.

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