Monday, June 28, 2010

Dirty Diaper Delimna

Sometimes we wish air fresheners came in "new baby smell." Candles would also be cool. Instead of Warm Vanilla Sunrise they could market "freshly bathed baby." Who wouldn't by that?

But then there are those smells that come along with a baby that aren't as marketable. Like poo. And stale pee. Blahh. Not exactly part of GAP's new fragrance line.

So what should you do with those stinkalicious diapers? We are going to get some hate mail for this, but at Project Mom, we think you should go old school and just throw them in the kitchen (or garage) trash cans. In other words, we are not big fans of products like Diaper Genie and Diaper Champ.

Now, we do admit that they are convenient, but the thought of leaving poop and pee ANYWHERE for days at a time, or maybe up to a week if it is not a high traffic area, is disgusting and unhygienic. And do not buy into the idea that these contraptions do not smell. Hello. They hold 30 poop sausages. After a little use they smell. Bad.

We will concede that there are places where one of these products can be a huge help, like a daycare or church nursery where loads of diapers are being changed and it is nearly impossible to take each diaper out to the trash can. Or if you have multiples and go through a gazillion diapers a day and don't have a lot of free hands or free time, you go on with your Diaper Genie self. But for the average mom they are a waste. And they do not do all that they claim. Punks. So just use the regular can. If the smell of the trash bothers you use those powder bags we told you about (or just shake some baby powder in the can.)

Our message is not Diaper Genies and Diaper Champs don't work and serve no purpose . But our message is that  Diaper Genies and Diaper Champs are not a must-have item. There we feel better now. Before you slap one of these Poop Packers onto your registry, ask 5 moms what their experience was and let that help you form your opinion. They work just fine, we just think the concept is unnecessary and a little grody to the max.

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