Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summa Summa Summa-time

That was supposed to be to the tune of that Will Smith song about summertime. How did we do? One of the best things about summer is how much more relaxed life seems. No school. No getting caught behind a school bus on your way to work. A week at the beach. Fireworks at the lake for the 4th. Ahhhhhhh

Another fabulous element to summer? The clothes! A maxi dress with the perfect sandals. A white cotton dress shirt with a cute little pair of shorts. Whatever your summer style, (for some of us it is MATERNITY right now or maybe even I JUST HAD A BABY AND WILL NOT BE WEARING SHORTS YET THANK YOU VERY MUCH) accessories are always a hit.

No matter what size you are currently, or what stage of motherhood you are in right now, you can always add a little glam with some fun jewelry. Check out these adorable pieces from Stella and Dot. They are too cute for words. And if you happen to be attending our upcoming Preggo Party in Roswell, stylist Lauren Lefevre (check her out here ) will show you how to pair them up with the perfect pieces from your wardrobe.

Clockwise from top:
Gold Leaf earrings
Garden Party chandelier earrings (one of our giveaways!!!)
Silk charm necklace and bracelet wrap (very versatile and you can add a charm for your little one)
Signature Clover necklace (perfect for layering or adorable by itself!)
Silver brooch (great for adding style AND covering up a last minute wardrobe accident)
Cortez Cuff

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