Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Those Adorable Baby Feet

Baby feet are addicting! They are so tiny and so cute. It is amazing anything can be that small. But they grow. Bummer. So what can you do to remember those baby days? Here are a few ideas we found that should stand the test of time.

A classic black and white color scheme can change with your decor over the years. This came from SewCrewel and is actually not a picture or the ink copy from the hospital. But crewel (even cooler!) in a shadowbox frame.

Beth at Sweet Girl Photo is responsible for this sweet shot! Love the idea of the heart. www.sweetgirlphoto.com. Again, black and white. Goes with everything.

As baby gets a little bigger, add to your baby feet shrine (lol) with something like this. Frame some of those first pairs of shoes. What a fun way to capture baby growing up. www.mybarnwoodframes.com/blog/

Hang all of these ideas in the same area for an artistic college that you can add to over the years. Have some other suggestions? Do share...

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