Sunday, June 6, 2010

15. To Dreft or Not to Dreft...

At Project Mom we think washing baby's clothes in one type of detergent and then washing parents clothes in something else is just too much work. And not even necessary work. You have enough to do. Do not make life harder on yourself.

Wash everyone's clothes in the same thing! If you feel you MUST have Dreft. Fine. But wash everything from Daddy's undershirts down to your t-shirts in it as well. Can't hurt. In fact it might even be better for YOUR skin, too.

Once upon a time Dreft was one of the only mild laundry detergents out there. They pretty much cornered the market on a product that was easy on baby's "new" skin. (You know what we mean). Now, however, they are getting a run for their money. Which is good for you!

Just about every grocery store now carries several detergents that are Free & Clear. Any one of these products would also be perfect for baby. And they might even be cheaper. Detergents without fragrances and dyes are pretty much equal to Dreft. So pick your poison and wash your clothes with it.

Or you could keep using the detergent you are already using. If baby ends up having a problem, like eczema or something, THEN change. But why go to all the trouble of making sure baby's clothes and your clothes NEVER intermingle. And then also going to the trouble of buying, storing, and using TWO different products if there is not an issue to begin with?

Use that extra time to flip through a magazine. It's way more fun.

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  1. Some people, ok most of us get sucked into the Dreft thinking. Dreft is a big waste of money. I'm loving this blog!!!


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