Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Capturing Baby's First Year

Photo from Atlanta photographer Summer Adams at Captures by Summer

The first year of baby's life is priceless. Watching her grow from a sleepy newborn into a walking toddler (well almost) is amazing. And it goes by so fast. There are some special frames and mats that can help chronicle this precious time.

1. If you do not want to spend a ton of money, there are mats that provide a space for each month of baby's first year. Check out Bellas Dream for some options for both boys and girls. You can personalize the mats with stickers and letters that come as part of the kit, too. They range in price from about $10-$15. This option allows you to select the exact frame you want.
2. Another option is a frame like this Memories of Me from Pearhead available at BabySakes . It comes in white or mahogany and is around $22. It is a classic, simple option you can hang on the wall or stand on the table.
3. Pottery Barn Kids used to have this frame, which we LOVE. However it was about $249 which is a bit steep. However for someone crafty making something like this would not be all that hard. Just get a bulletin board (framed cork board) and add a fabric using glue or staples. Then find 12 of the smaller frames and hang them on the board with a cool ribbon or nail head or funky thumb tack. There are a lot of ways to customize this to match the nursery.

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