Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writing A Will

Okay, so a will is not really fun to think about. Especially when you are high on baby. But let's be real. Having a will JUST IN CASE is far more pleasant than the alternative, which is having the state decide who will raise your child. No thanks!!

So, just to make sure you have all your bases covered, after your baby is born make an appointment with an estate lawyer. Ask friends and family who they use (if you do not have a lawyer already) or go to The American Bar Association and find someone reputable in your area.

Consider whom you want to raise your child. Who will give your baby the most nurturing environment and teach him what he needs to know about life? Mostly likely you will be giving this person financial assistance through your assets, such as a 401K or IRA, etc. Make sure the person you select to raise your child will have access to this money either directly or through a financial executor. Think long term. Sure your mom has free time because she is retired, but can she really handle the day to day energy it takes to raise a baby? Maybe, maybe not.

Kaboose has a great article that outlines some of the elements to consider and provides some resources you can consult. Find it HERE.  This is a just a guide to get you started. An estate lawyer who is experienced in this sort of law is your best source of information.

You love your baby oodles, so you want to make sure you have thought of everything. Even the "un-fun"stuff. Pretend it's a word, k.

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