Monday, August 2, 2010

Please Don't Scratch Your Face, Baby!

A while back (in the birth announcement post) we talked a little bit about newborns and their desire to scratch their face. Okay, well they just like to have their hands right up against their face and do not seem to understand the concept of fingernails. So their face gets all scratched up. And you want to take their picture and show them off, so what are you to go?

When you are in the hospital/ freshly home you can try a few options.
1. Hand Mitts (these do not always stay on but when you are changing baby's clothes or need a quick cover up these are great)
2. Swaddling (newborns LOVE being little burritos so this keeps them cozy AND keeps those fingernails safely tucked away)
3. Sleeve Folds (most long sleeve newborn tops have an extra flap you just fold over baby's hands... the nurses can show you if you don't get it. We didn't at first!)
Baby Fingernails
You cannot cut them for several weeks because they are soooo soft. Many a parent has clipped the tip of baby's finger trying to cut those nails before the right time. Spare yourself the drama. For the first few weeks you can peel baby's nails off if they are scraggly. Or you can file them with a gentle buff. When they have hardened you can them CAREFULLY clip them with baby nail clippers. It is easier to do this by having baby fold the finger over your hand like in this picture. Just an idea!

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