Friday, May 28, 2010

3. The Hospital for Dad

What the hospital is like for Mom is a whole lot different from what the hospital is like for Dad. So that Dad can make the best of his I Am A New Dad experience, here are a few things that are nice to know ahead of time:

1. in most hospitals your bed is a glorified chair
2. bring a pillow and comfy blanket if you want a little element of luxury (ha)
3. they feed Mom; you are on your own. Pack snacks and plan to eat at the cafeteria, go out or have visitors bring you your meals
4. you are not a bad person if you go home to sleep or get things done around the house (if your wife is okay with you leaving and/or you actually want to leave)
5. nurses will be in the room checking on Mom at all hours of the day and night
6. in a lot of hospital beds, the speakers for the television are on (and ONLY on) the bed rails. So if Mom wants to sleep, you can't watch TV. Even if you both want to watch something, it is very hard for anyone NOT in the bed to hear. You might want to bring a laptop (and ear buds).
7. Baby is taken away for a routine health test and a bath. Don't worry, they give you time to hold her for at least an hour first. This break is a good time for Mom to get some quiet rest and a great opportunity for Dad to video the bath and say hey to any visitors, make phone calls, post pics, whatever.
8. Dad should be prepared to make trips to the car and assist in any way needed. We love you!

Hope this helps. You kind of get the shaft. But, hey, at least you don't have stretch marks! And you get to take home that perfect little baby.

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