Friday, June 4, 2010

10. Swaddle in Style

Newborns are used to being crammed into your belly. Seriously, it is amazing how those little babies fold! In the hospital, the nurses will swaddle your baby. Have them teach you how! After a few tries your baby will be snug and will typically sleep so much better.

Check out the youtube video for a lesson/reminder about how to swaddle correctly. It can be a great sleep trick :) Also, having a great swaddle blanket can made the job easier.

You do not HAVE to have these blankets to swaddle. But we have found blankets like this to be fabulous for swaddling because they are very tuckable (pretend it's a word, okay).

100% cotton; muslin; a lightweight fabric.

1. SwaddleDesigns:
2. Aden + Anais: (these are great because they are large. you can use them as cover ups, blankets, swaddlers, play space, etc) anything like them would be a good buy
3. Velcro swaddlers like: Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe (some people love the velcro swaddlers because they are easy to use; some think they are impossible to figure out and they can't be used to anything else later; check them out at a baby store before you deliver and see what you think)

As with all things baby, there are about 1000000000000000000000000 different types of swaddle blankets. Ask your mom friends what they used and liked. You could even borrow one from them and see what baby likes best before you buy some for yourself. Swaddling is an easy way to help your baby feel warm and cozy. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

As the dad in this video mentions, The Happiest Baby on the Block (a great book in our humble opinion) discuss the benefits of swaddling and explains a way to get' er done. Happy swaddling :)

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