Thursday, June 3, 2010

11. Crib Skirt Secrets

The Crib Skirt. Dust Ruffle. Call it what you will.

Some mom's choose to have a crib skirt as part of their decor. Usually just because they are cute! But they also serve two other purposes.
1. They catch dust. Get one you can wash easily or vacuum every now and then or just throw it in the dryer to "knock" the dust out.
2. They hide things. If your crib has extra room underneath, USE IT. Get some baskets or a storage drawer (with wheels if possible) and stash extra sheets, blankets, burp cloths, etc under there. Wanna keep that hidden? Get a long crib skirt and no one will ever know :)

Other mom's opt out of the dust ruffle. Some because their crib style just wouldn't work with one. Others because they are more modern and think the crib skirt is a little too traditional.

Here's a tad more info about the crib skirt:

Flat font- runs straight all the way across (more modern; clean lines)
Box Pleat- runs straight except for a pleat right in the middle of the long sides (a good mix of modern and traditional)
Ruffled - ruffles all the way around (uber traditional)

Some crib skirts are short (usually the less expensive ones because, HEY, they used less fabric). Average drop of these skirts: 14 inches. These skirts work well when the crib is at its lowest height... a.k.a. when baby is older and can stand up in crib. A trick to make these work no matter where the crib is set: add a velcro band (find a crafty friend to make it if you can't) in a cute coordinating fabric. Attach it when the current skirt is too short and remove it easily when it is no longer necessary.

Other skirts (usually the more expensive, designer ones) are longer. They are great when baby is younger and the crib still sits up high. Average drop of these skirts: 18 inches. When you lower the crib, these skirts will puddle on the floor. A trick is to tuck them under a bit so they look less bunched up.

And lastly, you can make one yourself! You may choose to create a skirt with 4 sides, especially if your crib is not flush against a wall. A little secret... if your skirt will be against the wall and NO ONE will ever see that side, save money on fabric by making a skirt that only covers the visible sides. Check out this link for a cute DIY nursery and crib skirt tutorial.

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