Friday, June 4, 2010

12. Day and Night

One the best little nuggets Project Mom ever heard was a way to help baby establish the difference between day and night. Fast.

Let there be light!

During the daytime, resist the urge to turn off the lights in baby's room (or where ever she is sleeping). Leave some lights on. Let him know it is daytime and there is light out. This will not only help her learn that there is a difference between day and night (but more long she is supposed to sleep during the day versus how long she is expected to sleep at night)... but it also helps her be able to sleep anywhere, anytime if you are out. She doesn't HAVE to be at home in a dark room to take a nap.

At night turn off all the lights. Leave the nightlight on if you feel the need for one. Even though it doesn't officially matter right away, I would start this from the beginning. If you are planning for your child's bedtime to be 8:00ish eventually, then any time you lay baby down to sleep after 8:00 PM, turn off the lights. Likewise, if you plan for your child to wake up in the morning around 8:00ish, then whenever baby sleeps anytime after that during the day, turn the lights on or leave the blinds open. Lights out is a signal to them that it is time to sleep...for a long time. Lights on is a signal to them that it is time to sleep...for a little nap. You'll be surprised how fast a baby can understand this difference. They are smart little cookies!!!

Make some noise!
The same concept applies with noise. During the daytime do not feel like you have to tiptoe all over your house and whisper during your child's entire nap. Maybe be a little quiet is needed when he is going to sleep, but once he is out BE NORMAL. Talk on the phone, snore loudly, vacuum...what ever you need to do. Now, I am not saying this is the best time to practice your tuba, but keeping up with everyday noises will help your child sleep better. Especially when you are out. At night when the house (and world) are a little less noisy, baby will know to sleep longer.

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