Wednesday, June 2, 2010

9. Changing Crib Sheets

If you have never done it before, let me share something with you. Changing crib sheets is about as much fun as waxing your nose hair. The first few times aren't as bad, but once those sheets get washed a few times, they shrink up and hitting all four corners gets tough.

Fights have broken out between husband and wife over the changing of the sheets. It is best to go it alone. Makes for a more peaceful household (lol). Here are some more things to keep in mind:

1. if you buy an expensive sheet set (perhaps part of that bedding you just HAD to have), try The Ultimate Crib Sheet. It fits over your stylish sheets and allows you to snap them in place easily. It also protects your mattress from light dampness.

2. if you can, buy more than one crib sheet. I like to get a few different colors that coordinate with my bedding and room decor because I get bored easily and like little changes to keep things fresh. You can just get extra sheets so that while one is being washed you can use another. And so that when one shrinks or gets torn you have a back up.

3. the bumper is one of the things that makes changing the sheets difficult. If you have a thin bumper (or some people opt not to have one at all) taking the mattress completely out of the crib before tackling the sheets is also a fast way to get the job done

4. your baby will likely spit up on your sheets quiet often. Usually it is not a huge amount at a time, but after you use up all the clean spaces, you will need to change your sheets. When you place the crib in the room, make sure you can easily slide the crib out from the wall to change the sheets or avoid putting the crib up against the wall altogether

5. there is a crib out there that opens on the side and allows you to slide the mattress out and change the sheets. I have never used one, but I just wanted to let you know it exists. Quick Change Crib by Innovative Crib Designs

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