Sunday, June 6, 2010

13. What NOT to Wear...when nursing

If you plan to nurse, a few key bits of information can save you from a "wardrobe malfunction." Investing in a quality nursing bra is the first step, but it doesn't end there. Unless you want to strip down (or up for that matter) avoid wearing dresses, long tunic tops, or complicated shirts to events where you might have to sneak away to nurse. When baby is hungry, time is of the essence!

What to wear instead? These items are good to have tucked away in your arsenal.

1. belly bands: there are several brands but the first (and our fave) is BELLA BANDS; great for pregnancy and BONUS. also great for keeping your belly covered while nursing. MUST HAVE
2. nursing tanks: unsnap much like a nursing bra for easy access without flashing your entire upper half to the whole free world
3. button down tops: stock up on some in your favorite colors; buttons, snaps, zippers...anything that makes getting to your ta ta's easier
5. hooter hiders: nursing covers come in all shapes and sizes. thankfully those old school capes are OUT and stylish fabrics are now available; has some handmade ones. Bebe au lait has some fabulous ones, too!
6. blankets: remember those Aden+Anais blankets for swaddling? they also make great nursing covers. lightweight fabric keeps baby (ummm...and YOU) from getting too hot. they are large enough to do your business without feeling the need to charge for a peepshow
7. nursing bras: have several. maybe one in white, nude, and black. buy good ones with thicker cups (just in case you leak a little). make sure the straps are good too. check out this link for a great article from Consumer Reports, of all places, on nursing bras and all their glory

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  1. Hooter Hiders were the BEST!!! I had so many moms stop and ask me where I bought mine. The boutique I bought mine was so happy b/c she sold TONS of them- thanks to me. Of course I di dnot know about them with my first two kids.

    Lily Pads are great too!!! Instead of the throw away kind that leaked for me. They lasted about 5 months. GREAT product!


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