Sunday, June 6, 2010

14. Wipes Warmer

If someone out there really just rocks it out on the wipes warmer, PLUHEZ set us straight. But here at Project Mom, we think this is one of those items you can categorize as a good ole fashioned waste-o-money.

We apologize to the inventor of the first wipes warmer. We also send our regards to Babies r Us, Target, Wal-Mart, and any other store that sells them. Sorry to cut into your profit margin and all, but a contraption that warms up a wipe is just plain silly. We doubt our saying so will bankrupt any of you, so we don't feel guilty for being honest.

Why do we find this product to be a lemon? Because no child ever died from a room temperature wipe. Sorry. Just sayin. And then what happens when precious baby, who is so used to having his wittle wippie poo all warmed up is out somewhere and OMG there is not a wipe warmer to be had? We'll tell you what happens. Baby freaks out because he is not used to this. He screams and cries and raises holy h-e-you-know-the-rest.

Or maybe baby does nothing. Maybe that room temperature wipe is (SHOCKING) not that big of a deal. Maybe if you take your newborn on a hike up Mt. Everest this might come on handy. But otherwise it is a no go. We know it is fun to register for every baby item under the sun (we did it too and will do it again) but this particular treat should stay on the shelf.

Put that money towards something fun. Like a mani-pedi. or something practical. Like a housekeeper :)


  1. LOVE it- you are right on!!! Wipe warmer is a big waste of $$$. (Along with many other baby products out there)LOL

  2. What I thought was a big waste of money, really was wonderful. My mom bought this for us even though I told her 'don't bother.' I had my son in September, and he was SUPER sensitive to air temp differences when we would change his diaper. It was a regular occurrence for him to let off a stream of pee shooting two feet high (not even exaggerating, he would hit the mirror above our dresser!). Even when I would put a cloth wipe over him initially, he would let if go (#1 and #2) the moment I started wiping him (oh yeah, and scream during all of this too). I finally plugged in the wipe warmer when my mom arrived to help with the baby (2 weeks old), and used the warm wipes for the first time. One to cover his parts initially, and then one to wipe, and he didn't scream, didn't pee and sat just fine for the diaper change. It was amazing. After he was about 2 months old and we started going out more, I would switch back and forth between the room temp (going out) and the warmed wipes. But through out the winter months it was really nice to have a warm wipe for my super pee-er.


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